For many years, “the Superintendents,” as most of the executive officers were referred to at the time, met to share problems about their homes and solicit hopeful solutions from their counterparts. They eventually agreed to form a national association of Masonic-related organizations which would meet periodically to exchange views and be of assistance to one another.

They formed the Masonic Homes Executives Association and their first official meeting was in 1931 in Nashville, Tennessee.  At that initial meeting, Lucien Connell of Tennessee was elected as the first president of the Masonic Homes Executives Association.  In later years Masonic Homes from Canada joined the Association and “of North America” was added to the Association’s title.

Meetings have continued annually with the exception of two years during World War II (1943 & 1945).  Over time, the scope of the meetings changed from one of largely fraternal fellowship, to a focus on education, which included continuing education credits to help meet administrators’ expanding licensing requirements.

1931 Nashville, TN None
1932 St. Louis, MO Lucien Connell (TN)
1933 Springfield, MO W.W. Martin (MO)
1934 Elizabethtown, PA Thad G. Helm (PA)
1935 Forth Worth, TX Thomas Fletcher (TX)
1936 Franklin, IN John Redhead (MS)
1937 Minneapolis, MN Clarence Deacon (NJ)
1938 LaGrange, IL Edwin J. Price (OH)
1939 Forest Grove, OR H.F. Allen (OK)
1940 Burlington, NJ William F. Ecers (NE)
1941 Dousman, WI Charles E. Wilson (MN)
1942 Wichita, KS A.E. McCorvie (IL)
1943 No Meeting None
1944 LaGrange, IL H.C. Turner (VA)
1945 No Meeting None
1946 Sullivan, IL Elmer P. Gay (IN)
1947 Richmond, VA C.S. Woodward (TX)
1948 St. Louis, MO Fred Auch (PA)
1949 Charlton, MA George Bennette (NC)
1950 Decoto, CA Burleight Cartmell (OH)
1951 Macon, GA James R. Eubanks (CA)
1952 Alma, MI Frank O. Parker (MI)
1953 Plattsmouth, NE George Summers (LA) & Mark D. Ball (MA)
1954 Harrisburg, PA Virdon M. Liston (KS)
1955 Oklahoma City, OK Luther F. Morgan (KY)
1956 Louisville, KY Grady Gamrick (GA)
1957 Chicago, IL Albert H. Ruwet (CT)
1958 Hartford, CT Robert M. Henry (CA)
1959 Parkersburg, WV Arthur E. Myers (PA)
1960 Los Angeles, CA Harvey S. Williams (TX) & Lewis C. Robertson (MO)
1961 Williamsburg, VA A. Deleon Gray (NC)
1962 Fort Worth, TX William R. Baker, (PA)
1963 Atlantic City, NJ Ivinis G. Wright (NJ)
1964 St. Louis, MO C.V. Townsend (OK)
1965 Wilmington, DE Fred W. Troy (VA)
1966 Durham, NC Norval H. Hodgson (MN)
1967 Seattle, WA Robert W. Davis (DE)
1968 Minneapolis, MN Stephen S. Wilson (KY)
1969 Baltimore, MD Frank L. Smith (MD)
1970 St. Petersburg, FL Gail H. David (CA)
1971 Indianapolis, IN Raymond F. Evers (NE)
1972 San Francisco, CA S. Allan Daugherty (KS)
1973 Atlantic City, NJ Roy O. Turner, Jr. (IN)
1974 Utica, NY Jack Hardy (FL)
1975 Los Angeles, CA William Brenizer (NY)
1976 Hershey, PA James C. Blaine (CA)
1977 Milwaukee, WI H.T. Rogers (WI)
1978 Richmond, VA William Filson (IL)
1979 Rolling Meadows, IL Claude Husted (MD)
1980 Cherry Hill, NJ James Hart (IL)
1981 Seattle, WA Joseph Becker (NJ)
1982 Minneapolis, MN J. Burton Brown (CA)
1983 Hunt Valley, MD Carlisle Tiller (VA)
1984 Indianapolis, IN Edwin Martini, Jr. (MN)
1985 Lansing, MI Marvin S. Isley (IN)
1986 Bettendorf, IA Lois Van Sickle (IA)
1987 San Jose, CA Jerry Lindenbaum (KS)
1988 Dayton, OH Donna Mae Ketten (WA)
1989 Sturbridge, MA Richard M. Dowe (MA)
1990 Richmond, VA John Rose (CA)
1991 Hershey, PA James L. Parker (MA)
1992 Colorado Springs, CO Joseph Murphy (PA)
1993 Utica, NY Ben Harvey (NE)
1994 St. Petersburg, FL Charles O. Franck, Jr. (VA)
1995 Omaha, NE Tommy L. Jones (VA)
1996 Wichita, KS Thomas A. Ross (IL)
1997 Bloomington, MN Rev. David R. Grissom (NC)
1998 San Ramon, CA Sally Bowers (KY)
1999 Savannah, GA Sally Bowers (KY)
2000 Louisville, KY Judy Domenico (CO)
2001 Greensboro, NC John Snipes (GA)
2002 Wallingford, CT Joseph Kuyoth (OH)
2003 Richmond, VA William Luley (NY)
2004 Mt. Pleasant, MI William Luley (NY)
2005 New York, NY Mark Strautman (WI)
2006 Lake Geneva, WI Marion Taggart (DE)
2007 Pasadena, CA Jane Ipsen (WA)
2008 Columbus, OH Robert Fallon (CA)
2009 Utica, NY Cindy Bosley (MI)
2010 Elizabethtown, PA Stephen McPherson (CT)
2011 Denver, CO Gary Marsh (KY)
2012 Louisville, KY Doug Policastro (NJ)
2013 New Haven, CT Paula O’Neill (MD)
2014 Greensboro, NC Mark Kolada